Kate Margrave
My name is Kate F. Margrave and I am the band director at Pine Creek High School in Colorado Springs, CO.  My passion is wind band literature.  I love great music and score study.  I do score study in a different way than most; in a more visual way.  Each piece on this website includes three PDFs: one for ranges, technical overview and pictorial analysis.

The band grade level breakdown is the following:
Beginning Band - Grade .5 to 1.5
Intermediate Band - Grade 1.5 to 3
High School Band - Grade 2.5 to 4
Advanced High School Band - Grade 4 to 6

I chose the pieces included on this website because I feel that they are quality works.  Many are works I have taught, and others I have studied due to personal interest.  Almost all the pieces are also from the Teaching Music Through Performance in Band series.  Those that aren't, I have studied because of composer interest or conducting symposiums.

In January of 2013, I presented a clinic at the Colorado Music Educators' Association State Convention entitled "Settling the Score: Music Worth Hearing; Music Worth Teaching."  I also presented this session at The 2013 Midwest Clinic in Chicago, the 2014 Massachusetts Music Educators' Association State Convention and the 2015 California All-State Music Education Conference.  The description from the program is as follows:

As directors, the level of education we want to provide to our
students is in our hands. Quality literature is the key to an educa-
tionally based program. No matter what the level of band, great
music—both old and new—will aid students in high achievement of
technique, style, tone development, and much more. Programming
quality literature for all levels of ensemble can help inspire a passion
in students for the aesthetics of music, which is the most important
part of our craft. This clinic will address programming great music,
defining quality literature and score study techniques that can assist
in raising the level of our bands.

The presentation and handout that accompanied my clinic is in the "Links" page.  

This site will always be updating.  I have many works still to add to my lists that I am looking forward to working on; these first few are those I used as examples in my presentation.  I will also always be adding to the Music Ed Resources page...there are so many great resources out there!!

I hope this website helps you with your bands and your score study!  Please contact me with any questions, if you have some information to add to the resources, pieces you would like to see on the lists, or if you would like to talk literature!!

About this site...

​Musicians never want to stop learning.
Teach through music and your students will learn."

Bruce Adolphe, What to Listen for in the World

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Music Worth Hearing; Music Worth Teaching